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Welcome to the town of HulI's Official Website. This is your opportunity to become acquainted with your local government and to be informed of upcoming meetings and events. As this site evolves over time, our hope is that it will become your primary source for information about your Hull's government. We will be adding new information consistently that will allow you to research past meeting events, download forms and eventually transact bill payment and applications. We hope this initial offering will pique your curiosity to explore and visit frequently. Thank you for your support.

Mission Statement

The Town Manager's Office is committed to providing quality and innovative service in a supportive and creative environment. We will work cooperatively with the citizens of Hull and all its municipal employees in setting the direction for the Town organization.


The Town Manager is appointed by the Board of Selectmen to oversee the daily operations of the Town, advise and administer the policies and procedures of the Board of Selectmen, and enforce Town by-laws and actions passed at Town Meeting. The Manager's authority and responsibilities are established in the Town Manager Act of 1989. The Town Manager submits to the Board of Selectmen a proposed annual budget that includes revenue and expenditure projections for the upcoming fiscal year. The Town Manager works with the Senior Management Team to coordinate the budget development process. The budget document is prepared and presented to the Board of Selectmen, reviewed by the Advisory Board and ultimately to Town Meeting for action. The Town Manager is responsible for the management of all Town departments (excluding the School Department), all Town funds (general fund and enterprise funds), for providing support to the volunteer committee system, working with other levels of government, and managing special projects for the Board of Selectmen. The Town Manager’s Office is also responsible for the continual review of policies and programs in an effort to provide improved service. The office is responsible for the coordination of activities leading up to the annual Town Meeting, as well as a variety of other public hearings and forums.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Philip E. Lemnios Town Manager (781) 925-2000
Nancy J. Allen Administrative Assistant to the Town Manager (781) 925-2000