Cultural Council

The Hull Cultural Council strives to enhance the local community by providing grants that support projects in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences. Our goal is to connect members of the communty through engagement in quality programing that will encourage and inspire members of the community of all ages and backgrounds.

In addition to the MCC mandated criteria, the Hull Cultural Council will consider the following criteria in assessing applications:

  1. The potential to promote public education and access in the Arts, Humanities, or Interpretive Sciences in the Community of Hull.
  2. The amount of Community support and involvement in the project.
  3. The financial need of the project (the project's potential funding from other sources).
  4. IMPORTANT - Grant proposals must include a local sponsoring organization or venue. Performers seeking Hull Curtual Council funds are advised to arrange a local venue, or sponsor, or both, prior to submitting a grant, so as to have the grant eligible for consideration. Lack of venue has been a consistant problem with past grant applications.
  5. Depending on the number of eligible grants received, proposals may be partially funded.

Appointed by the Board of Selectmen

Council Members

Name Title
Chris Maher Chair (2019)
Donna Naughton Treasurer (2019)
Christine Farrell-O'Reilly Secretary (2019)
Richard Glackemeyer Member (2019)
Susan Goranson Member (2019)
Barbara Lahage Member (2019)
Karen Pitrolo Member (2021)
James Quinlivan Member (2021)
Susan Regan Member (2021)
Haven Veraguas Member (2021)
Randy Veraguas Member (2021)