Building Department





We are accepting Building permit applications by regular mail or drop box or in person.

Electrical Plumbing and Gas permits by mail,  Building Department drop box out front of building, or in person Please call for a fee before sending permit or dropping it off. Please don't email. Permits are not considered issued until paid for.

Applications for Building, Plumbing, Gas and Electric Permits can be found on the Web site. Click on Building Department page by clicking on Forms and find the application needed. 

You will need to provide a copy of the appropriate license(s), depending on the type permit requested. Home Improvement Contractor and Construction Supervisors licenses are required with all building permit applications unless you are filing an application as a homeowner.

Electrical, Plumbing/Gasfitters Licenses need to be submitted with your application (s).

Supporting documentation should be included with your permit application. Building Permits for additions, decks, accessory structures and vertical expansions should include a site plan(s) showing existing conditions and proposed conditions including existing and proposed setbacks and lot coverage. Proposed building plans including existing and proposed floor plans, structural drawings, footing and foundation specs etc. can be mailed or drop an envelope containing your application and supporting documents in the Building Department drop box in front of Town Hall @ 253 Atlantic Ave, Hull, MA. Someone from the building department will contact you regarding payment and issuance of your permit(s).

If you need a Building inspection you can call the Building Department @ 781-925-1330 and schedule an inspection. 

For Electric, Plumbing, or Gas inspection call inspectors directly, they are only part time. See below for phone numbers

The Building Department is responsible for insuring that the buildings are constructed safely and used properly. Building Department enforces the provisions of the state building code, town zoning ordinance and other applicable ordinances. The Building Department issues permits to allow the construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair and demolition of buildings and structures, as well as, the installation of equipment and the location, use and occupancy of all buildings, structures and land. Also, annual inspections of rooming houses and restaurants.

A Building Inspector is usually available to meet with the public:

Monday through Thursday
8:00am - 10:00am
2:00pm - 3:00pm


The Electrical Inspector (Pat Cannon) usually inspects every afternoon. To leave him a message for inspection call his home phone number (781) 925-0857.

The Plumbing/Gas Inspector (Leo Dauphinais) He inspects on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 2:00pm and 3:30pm. Messages can be left at his home phone number (781) 749-0227.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Janice Lichtenberger Clerk (781) 925-1330
Bartley Kelly Building Commissioner (781) 925-1330
Jason Yetman Deputy Plumbing and Gas Inspector (781) 264-7429
Patrick Francis Cannon Wiring Inspector (781) 925-0857
Captain Roy Ahlquist Fire Prevention 781-925-1350