Design Review Board

The Design Review Board is established to review the quality of design relative to construction, site development, landscaping and signs for all new or significantly altered buildings other than single-family and two-family dwellings. The Design Review Board shall assist town boards, departments and commissions in the review of plans, applications or other matters relating to these structures. Review may include, but is not limited to, landscaping, external appearance, location, massing and scale of structures relative to site and the preservation of scenic views and historically significant structures.

To view the Design Review Board Bylaw (Chapter 15), please go the the Town Clerk site under Town Bylaws.

Board Members

Name Title
Thomas Burns Co-Chair (2020)
Don Ritz Co-Chair (2021)
Julia Parker Secretary (2022)
Tory Lam Member (2021)
Fulvia Quiici Matteucci Member (2022)
Georgette Sullivan Alternate (2022)