Community Preservation Committee


About the Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Committee was formed following the adoption of the Community Preservation Act by the citizens of Hull in 2016. The Committee reviews applications submitted by Town bodies and citizens at large for funding projects involving the acquisition of open space/recreation, preservation of historic resources, and the support of affordable housing, and makes recommendations to Town Meeting regarding the use of the Town's Community Preservation Fund for those purposes. That fund is composed of a 1.5% surtax on Town real estate taxes and state matching funds payable each Fall. 

The Committee meets the on Mondays (as scheduled) at 7pm at Town Hall (253 Atlantic Ave, Hull, MA) with additional meetings as posted by the Town Clerk. Pursuant to Massachusetts General Law chapter 30A, § 18-25, the Committee's meeting notices will be filed and time stamped in the Town Clerk's Office and posted at least 48 hours prior to the meeting (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays). 

The Community Preservation Act 

The Community Preservation Act (Massachusetts General Laws chapter 44B) ("CPK) is a local option statute enacted by the State Legislature in 2000. It enables towns to collect and spend funds (including matching funds from the Commonwealth) to "preserve" their character by supporting open space, affordable housing, recreation lands, and historic preservation initiatives specifically defined by the CPA. The current CPA surcharge rate is 1.5% of real property taxes. 

The Community Preservation Act requires that at least 10% of each years Community Preservation revenues be spent or set aside for each of the three Community Preservation categories: (1) open space/recreation, (2) affordable housing and (3) historic preservation. The remaining 70% is available for spending on any one or more of the categories as the Committee and Town Meeting see fit.

Committee Members

Name Title
Jason McCann Chair
Fulvia Matteuci Secretary
Tammy Best Treasurer
Greg Grey Member
Jim Ianiri Member
Jim Richman Member