Electronics Recycling Superguide

Electronics Recycling Superguide - From Sierra Club's Green Life e-newsletter --Jordana Fyne

Have you seen the new iPod shuffle? It's smaller than a house key and actually talks to you. Neat! Now what to do with the embarrassingly inarticulate model in your gym bag. You can't pawn it off on your kids -- no self-respecting teen would be seen with something that old. You know tossing it is a terrible option.

PCMag.com's Electronics Recycling Superguide offers a ton of great ways to recycle, trade in, and even make money off of your old technology. The guide is pretty super, with more than 20 listed manufacturers, from Apple to Xerox, that will gladly take back their old products to keep them out of the landfill -- many with free shipping. Also check out the list of retailers to whom you can hand-deliver your goods and get the scoop on who waives the recycling fee (Radio Shack), who pays for your ink cartridges (Staples), and who won't accept products containing freon (Best Buy).

Looking for a little something beyond the joy of recycling? A bunch of sites pay cash for your pre-owned gadgets, with some boasting an average payout of $115.