Housing Rehabilitation

The Town of Hull is considering applying for a 2019 Community Development Block Grant for Housing Rehabilitation services. The program would provide 0% interest Deferred Payment Loans to low to moderate income home owners or to owners of residential investment property housing low to moderate income residents.

These loans are to improve homes or residential investment properties to correct code deficiencies (Article II of the State Sanitary Code), including making needed improvements such as heating, plumbing, electrical, siding, roofing and insulation. Loans can be used for 75% to 100% of a project's cost up to a maximum Deferred Payment Loan of up to $40,000, depending on property ownership and the scope of repairs. Payment of these loans is deferred until the sale or transfer of the property.

In order to gauge interest in this program, the Community Development and Planning Department requests that interested, eligible, property owners submit a pre-application form to Hull's Community Development and Planning Department.

We are accepting rolling pre-applications.