Property Tax Billing & Collection

About your Property Tax Bill:

Massachusetts general law requires that we must send the property tax bill to the owner of record as of the January 1 date immediately preceding that start of the fiscal year. This means that if you had purchased property in Hull after January 1 the tax bills for July 1, to June 30 would be in the name of the previous owner and in all likelihood, the bills would be forwarded to the previous owner by the post office. Please call the Tax Collector’s office (781) 925-2251 to have a copy of the bill mailed to you.

First payment: due 30 days from mailing date

Second payment: Issued by April 1 Due: May 1

Penalty for late payment:

Interest at an annual rate of 14%, computed per day, is assessed on all payments received at the Collector’s Office after the due dates. POSTMARKS DO NOT VERIFY TIMELY PAYMENT.

Important tax payment tips:

If taxes are paid from a bank escrow account, send both copies of your bill to the bank when you receive them from Town Hall.

Do not enclose cash.

Sign and date your check. Unsigned checks will be returned. DO NOT DATE THE CHECK AHEAD. Checks will not be held by the Collector for later deposit. A post-dated check that is processed and not honored by the bank will result in penalties and fees and charges imposed by both the bank and the Town.

To request a receipt, you must include both copies of your bill and a stamped self-addressed envelope with your payment. If you are a new home owner, please understand that Massachusetts law requires that the tax bill be sent to the record owner as of the previous January 1. You should retrieve a copy of your tax bill at Town Hall to avoid late payment penalties. Massachusetts law states that your failure to receive a tax bill does not invalidate the tax nor the proceedings for collection.