Procedures to Collect Unpaid Bills

Demand Bills:

Demand bills are issued after the due date of May 1st on all outstanding accounts. Sending a demand is a prerequisite to pursuing certain collection remedies including tax takings.

The demand charge is $15.00. The interest rate is 14% on the unpaid amount, calculated from the due date of each quarter.


On bills remaining unpaid after the issuance of demands, the Town has the option of utilizing their Deputy Collector to serve a warrant to all outstanding accounts. This requires an in hand delivery or leaving a copy of warrant at a delinquent’s last known address. For this service, additional fees are added on to the account and becomes the responsibility of the taxpayer.


A city or town has the right to take title to the taxpayer’s property and to under-take foreclosure proceedings when a taxpayer is delinquent in paying their local real estate or other local charges which constitute liens on the real estate (other local charges include sewer/electric liens and committed interest).

Once a year notices will go out to owners of outstanding accounts stating their property will be advertised for tax taking in the local newspaper. Approximately 14 days before the tax taking, the Collector will publish in the local newspaper a listing of accounts with dates, time and place of taking.

The Collector on the date of taking, will prepare an Instrument of Taking and file in Plymouth County Registry of Deeds. Fees, including interest to date of taking (calculated at 14% annually from date of bill), advertising costs, preparation fees, demand, and filing fee will be added to the tax title account and must be paid by the owner before the lien is released. The interest charged on the tax title account is then calculated at 16% from the date of taking to payment date.

The final payment of the tax title account will include a redemption fee. The Town will then file an Instrument of Redemption at Plymouth County Registry of Deeds. The Town may proceed with foreclosure if no effort is made to pay tax title accounts.

Questions concerning tax payments should be addressed to the Collector at (781) 925-2251.

Questions concerning valuations, over-valuations, abatements including the elderly, blind, veteran’s or hardships, exemptions or deferrals must be addressed to the Assessor’s Office at (781) 925-2205.