Sewer Department

Public Utilities

**If you are ever having a problem with your sewer or notice something peculiar in your neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to call the office during regular business hours and after hours call 781-925-0906 and follow the prompts.

Permanent Sewer Commission:

The Permanent Sewer Commission consists of a board of five commissioners who oversee policy and major sewer upgrade projects, etc. The commissioners meet once a month. Monthly meetings are held at the Sewer Plant 1111 Nantasket Ave Hull.

Ninety-nine percent of the homes and business are now on line with the Towns’ sanitary sewer system.

Sewer user charge bills are based on each individual property owners water usage and issued from this department quarterly. They are always three months in arrears and we obtain that information from Aquarion Water Company.

The Permanent Sewer Commission recommends that if you do a lot of outside watering or have a sprinkler system, that it may be in your best interest to invest in a second deduction meter. This meter measures the amount of outside water use that does not go through the sanitary sewer system and this amount will be deducted off the summer bill. Homeowners are sent a postcard to record their second meter reading and return to the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

This meter must measure in cubic feet and be installed by a licensed plumber. You can purchase this meter on your own or have your plumber purchase it for you. After the meter is installed, either you or your plumber must call us so the Wastewater Director can tag and seal it.

We issue sewer permits for new building, rehabs, cap offs and properties not currently connected to the sewer system, i.e.; our last project was in the Straits’ Pond/Rockaway Area of Town.

If you are selling your home don’t forget that you, your realtor or attorney should give us a call for an estimated sewer user charge figure, as sewer is billed in arrears.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
John Struzziery Director of Wastewater Operations / Assistant Director of Public Works (781) 925-1207
Brian Kiely Assistant Director of Wastewater Operations (781) 925-1207
Carol O'Connor Bookkeeper / Clerk (781) 925-1207
Terri Berardinelli Facility Coordinator (781) 925-1207

Commission Members

Name Title
Rick Mattila Chair (2022)
Peter Pyclik Member (2024)
Richard Booth Member (2020)
Louis Collins Member (2023)
Andrew Grosso Member (2024)