Message from Harbormaster Regarding A Street Floats



The Governors Boating & Various other Marine and Inland Waterways Related Activities - Phase II, dated June 5th, 2020 states:

  • Group Size: No groups larger than 10 are allowed to gather.
  • Docks are to be used to facilitate boating access only. On dock gatherings are prohibited under any circumstances.
  • DHP Orders and Guidelines COVID - 19 Order 31
  • Any person over the age of 2, whether indoors or outdoors, is required to wear a face covering or mask when they cannot maintain 6 feet of distance between themselves and others, unless they have a medical condition preventing them from doing so.

Do to the size of the pier the number of people that would gather, 20 to 30 is the daily average that swim, fish and the docks, it would be impossible to adhere to the Governors guidelines if the floats were to be installed at this time.

I will update The BOS Chairperson and the Town Manager if the guidelines are updated.


Kurt Bornheim
Hull Harbormaster