Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

The Department of Fire-Rescue & Emergency Service is currently continuing to deliver the highest level of medical care possible to the citizens and visitors of this community. Our department has a staffing level of twelve-credentialed Firefighter Paramedics and thirteen Firefighter Emergency Medical Technicians. We also have an affiliation agreement with South Shore Hospital. It allows us to receive our medical control from the Emergency Room doctors, and work with them in a team effort to treat patients and save lives. In the event our ambulance is out of town, there is a negotiated contract with the surrounding towns and Fallon Ambulance Service, to supply backup paramedic services. Recently we completed the process to license our Car 3. This allows us to carry additional equipment so that on duty paramedics can start medical treatment while we wait for another ambulance if ours happens to be out of town, or if we have two incidents at the same time.

Emergency Medical incidents account for over 60% of the departments total calls for a response. The department is constantly working to keep up with the demands of the public, and it is through this effort that we are able to supply the highest medical care possible at the most affordable cost.

This is accomplished through state mandated training, a quality insurance program and department training. Paramedics receive over two hundred hours of training in cardiac monitoring, intravenous treatment and drug therapy. Our Emergency Medical Technicians are trained to assist the paramedics, defibrillate and administer some medications, and all of our firefighters are trained in CPR and advanced first aid. The residents of the Town of Hull can be assured that they are receiving the most efficient, timely and professional service possible.

As the Emergency Medical Coordinator, I would like to extend my thanks to Chief Lyons, Deputy Hollingshead, Jane Walsh and my fellow officers for their support. I would also like to thank the three members of my shift, Kevin Coughlin, Anthony Simmons and Michael Marciello for assisting me with my duties on a daily basis.

Most importantly, I would like to extend a thank you to all of the members of the Department of Fire-Rescue and Emergency Service, for their untiring commitment to the members of this community.

Captain Robert M. Breen
EMS Coordinator

Providing EMS plays a major role in the activities of the Fire Department