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Upcoming Events at the Senior Center

  • Blood Pressure Clinic 
  • At this time, we can only ask our senior population to proceed with their life in caution.  Stay home, stay away from people that are circulating in the work force or volunteering.  Keep your distance, at least 6 feet!   Please, do as your family asks, don't take any chances.  We hope to see all of you sooner than later, but we'll see how this plays out. Honestly...It may be awhile. Hunker down and watch some movies.  Don't get glued to the news, watch it sporadically.  If you feel overwhelmed call a friend, call us, take a walk around your house or yard, or open the window and get some fresh air.   Also, please do as you are asked to protect yourself and for those who have weaker health conditions.  We have to work together.  This virus can even be passed around on the bottom of your shoes, that's how easy it appears to be. At this time, the Senior Center has people manning the building / phones.  As the town hall and other town buildings, we are closed to the public.  Of course, things update everyday, and this may change, but we are trying to be available for you.   If you have any questions, please call,  MON-THUR 8:00-4:00. IF YOU FORGOT MEDICINES, WE CAN PICK IT UP FOR YOU, AND DROP IT AT YOUR MAILBOX.  IF YOU NEED.  CALL US, WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO HELP YOU OUT.  781-925-1239 x 1   IF YOU HAVE A HEALTH EMERGENCYDO NOT WAIT UNTIL WE ARE OPEN TO CALL US,   CALL 911.
  • Cancelled  WED. APRIL 15 @ 10:30 REGISTER OF DEEDS JOHN BUCKLEY - Passing information on about protecting property with the Homestead Act, deed information, copies, and a Q & A at the end.  Mr. Buckley will have old deeds of famous Hull residents of the past. 
  • Cancelled  MON. APRIL 27 @ 10:30  KATHY JORDAN, MS, RDN In-store Consulting Dietician for BIG Y. Kathy is returning with a new seminar on PLANT-BASED FOODS. Which foods are considered plant-based, where to find them and incorporate them in your diet. Learn the serving portions and how they optimize your best health, and assist with chronic illness. Kathy provides interesting and health filled information. Please come by. Sign in, at the center.  Call 781-925-1239 X1  
  • Postponed to...  MON. JUNE 1 TOWN MEETING    7:00PM 
  • Cancelled  TUES. MAY 5 @ 10:30 BLAKE DINIUS Entomologist Extension Educator from the Office of Plymouth County.  Ticks and Mosquitoes existed for as long as people have been on earth!  These creatures can pass germs, life-altering, and/or life threatening consequences.   Mass. is home to over 50 species of mosquitoes and 12 species of ticks.  Learn how to protect yourself and your family.  Blake has been here three times and everyone enjoys his presentations and has dozens of questions at the end.  You'll be surprised, join us. 
  • Postponed to...   MON. JUNE 15 TOWN ELECTION Transportation available for 55+ in the morning and afternoon. Make reservation by Thurs. May 14.
  • Cancelled  BINGO Mondays @ 1:00 - Closed Monday Holidays
  • Postponed / To Be Announced  PODIATRIST - DR. DWYER -  @ 11:00, (781) 335-8811 for appt.  THIS MAY BE CANCELLED ALSO