Pemberton Economic Development Plan

In May of 2017, the Town received a $45,000 grant in order to create a development and economic plan for the Pemberton area of Hull from Ocean Avenue and South Main Street to the tip of the peninsula. The grant was secured to address future development patterns, issues that have developed due to competing uses in the small geographic area, transportation and economic concerns, and to help guide the Town in making improvement decisions in the area. Since then, the Town engaged the consultant group ‘Harriman’ to examine the area’s unique advantages and begin the process of generating this plan and framework for the area. A key component of the information gathering process involved meeting with the public to get their input regarding the area.

In the first stage of developing the report, Harriman met with the Town, conducted various stakeholder interviews and a field review of the existing conditions. Harriman also reviewed and analyzed existing demographic and socioeconomic data, sales tax revenue, and other key economic data to prepare demographic trends and forecasts, social factors, economic factors, and financial indicators. This aided the consultant in identifying opportunities to encourage economic and recreational growth as well as the functionality of the area's infrastructure to be included in the plan.

The group at Harriman presented their preliminary findings and sought input from the community on Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 at 7PM in the Second Floor Exhibition Room located in Hull High School (180 Main St). Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation for this meeting.

The group at Harriman then presented their recommendations that built upon the current strengths and envisioned future opportunities to improve existing infrastructure and services for the residents and visitors. This meeting was held on September 26th, 2019 at 7:30PM in the Second Floor Exhibition Room located in Hull High School (180 Main St). Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation for this meeting.

Ultimately, a Development Strategy was formulated which sets forth goals and objectives for taking advantage of the area’s current and potential opportunities. The plan provides a framework for the town to strengthen public/private partnerships, provide for better services and functionality, and to generally make the area more responsive to the needs of the public. The process was inclusive; bringing together the area’s users along with the Town and the consultant to develop a plan that addresses the issues facing the future growth of the Pemberton area. Click here to view the final Report.