Nantasket Beach Unified Work Plan

REVISED MEETING DATE: Nantasket Beach Unified Work Plan. The Board of Selectmen will hold a Public Meeting for the presentation of the Nantasket Unified Work Plan by Harriman Associates. Over the past several years numerous plans have been completed in the Nantasket area including: the Nantasket Beach Revitalization Plan for the HRA property, the Nantasket Beach Reservation Plan for the DCR property, and a Roadway Design that would reconfigure the street system from a one-way to two-way configuration.  The Town has selected Harriman Associates as the consultant to coordinate these various plans, address area wide issues and provide a framework and a way forward for a comprehensive revitalization of Nantasket that works in conjunction with the new private investment seen in the area.  The meeting is open to the public—7:30PM January 30, 2020 at Hull High School (180 Main Street, Hull, MA 02045) in the 2nd floor Exhibition Room.