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Hull Town Hall
253 Atlantic Ave., Hull, MA 02045

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FEMA Flood Maps Effective 7-17-2012
NEW FEMA flood maps became effective July 17, 2012
You May Be Affected

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is responsible for Hull’s flood maps.  FEMA updated Hull’s flood maps and they went into effect July 17, 2012.  Many residents will find their flood zone has changed.   

  • Some properties that were not previously in a flood zone are in a flood zone on the new maps.
  • Other properties that were already in a flood zone will be in a higher risk zone.
  • Some properties are in a lower risk flood zone.
Properties that have been newly mapped into a flood zone, or mapped into a higher risk flood zone, may be eligible for significant savings on flood insurance rates through options FEMA calls “Preferred Risk Policy” and “Grandfathering”.  Savings from Grandfathering continue into the future and can be transferred to subsequent property owners.  

If you do NOT currently carry flood insurance it is important to review the new maps to determine if you are affected.  Some savings were available only if flood insurance was purchased before the new maps took effect.  In some cases savings on your insurance may still be available.  There is a 30-day waiting period for flood insurance to take effect.  

If you already have flood insurance, you may want to check with your flood insurance agent but, as long as you keep your flood insurance in effect, you should not have to take action to benefit from grandfathering or other savings.

Contact your insurance agent for flood insurance information specific to your home.

The old and new maps are posted on the 2nd floor of Town Hall.  An unofficial version of the new map, that may be easier to read, is also posted on the 2nd floor of Town Hall.  The Flood Insurance Study is available at the Building Department.
The current maps are on the FEMA website:
Flood insurance and potential savings options are complex.  More information is available at the National Flood Insurance Program website:

** A note about comparing the old and new FEMA maps.  The map “datums” have changed.  There is an .8 foot difference between NGVD (today’s map) and NAVD (new map).  For example, elevation 10 on the new map (NAVD) = elevation 10.8 on the old map (NGVD).  For more information: 

Below are links to the new flood maps and the flood insurance study.

NOTE:  Some of the PDF files listed below are very large and contain multiple images and graphics. The download time for these files will vary depending on your internet connection.