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Administrative Offices of Hull Public Schools
180 Harborview Road, Hull, MA 02045


Substitute Teacher
(due 10/25)
Today we had a substitute.
She wasn't sweet.
She wasn't cute.
Her hair could scare a ghastly ghost.
Her breath could turn bread into toast.
She barely fit inside the door
And looked much like a dinosaur.
Each time she spoke the windows shook,
And when she read she broke the book.
She didn't have a lesson plan
But walked like an orangutan.
And if someone would misbehave,
Her screams could start a tidal wave.
But if you think that SHE'S a creature
Wait until you meet our REGULAR teacher.

Hyperbole Cafe
by Lill Pluta

Welcome to our restaurant
Where every thing's gigantic.
A hundred waiters hold one dish.
Our kitchen can get frantic.
Our soup is deeper than the sea.
Our noodles stretch a mile.
The bread is longer than a train.
It's sure to make you smile.
We pile our peas up montain high.
One cookie hides the moon.
We pour our iced tea into boats.
We hope you'll visit soon.
by Lill Pluta

The Metaphor Family
by Lill Pluta

My brother is a dragon.
My mom's a teddy bear.
I am a shaggy sheepdog with a ton of tnagled hair.
My father is a monkey.
He likes to make us laugh,
especially my sister, who is a tall giraffe.
We are a busy family with many things to do.
Our home is always happy,
but sometimes it's a zoo.

I Do Not Wish to Go to School
(due 9/12)
"I do not wish to go to school,"
insisted Sarah Sue,
"and Mother, if you make me,
I well eat a worm or two."

"Do you mean worms like these, my dear?"
her mother firmly said.
"I got them in the garden,
they're extremely long and red."

"They are both the very juiciest and plumpest I could find."
"I'm off for school," said Sara Sue,
"for I have changed my mind!"

Pick Me, Please
       by Kalli Dakos
Pick me, please,
I know the name
Is Hercules,

Ask me
Ask me
Just this once,
I'll prove to you
I'm not a dunce,

My hand
My hand
Is waving high,
Won't you catch it
With your eye,

My heart
My heart
Is beating fast,
Just waiting
For you to ask...

You picked me?

The answer...
I think...
I think...
I just forgot!

Saw my teacher on a Saturday
(due 9/26)

by Emily Mendoza

Saw my teacher on a Saturday!
I can't believe it's true!
I saw her buying groceries,
like normal people do!

She reached for bread and turned around,
and then she caught my eye.
she gave a smile and said "HELLO"
I thought  I would die

"Oh ,hi...hello Miss Appleton"
I mumbled like a fool.
I guess I thought that teacher types 
spend all their time at school.

To make the situation worst 
my mom was at my side.
So many rows of jars and cans.
So little room to hide.

Oh, please, I thought don’t tell my mom what I did yesterday!
I closed my eyes and hold my breath hoped she go away.

Some people think its fine to let our
teachers walk about.
But when it comes to Saturday's
they shouldn’t let them out.

by Lill Pluta
(due 10/3)
Black as words on printed pages.
Sad like tigers locked in cages.
Long as thread unrolled from spools.
Straight like legs on wooden stools.
Quiet as a school at night.
Happy like a bird in flight.
Tight as fuzzy skin on peaches.
White like dunes of sand on beaches.
Cold as scoops of frozen peas.
Fun like writing similes.