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Critical Repair Program Guidelines
Critical Repair Program
Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures
The Town of Hull is making available loans to eligible homeowners in need of a critical or emergency repair to a failed system in their home.  The repair to the system must be critical to the health and safety of the occupants.  The applicant must demonstrate that there is no other financing source for the critical repair.  Examples of eligible repairs include: possible collapse of a section of the roof, imminent failure of the heating system, electrical or plumbing system etc.  The maximum loan amount will be $5,000.00.

Assistance is available to owner-occupied properties whose annual household income is at or below 80% of the area median income.  Assistance is offered to eligible residents through loans as follows:

       - Amount of loan equals all construction costs plus all inspection and recording fees

        - The loan is a permanent, no interest loan and is payable upon subsequent sale or transfer of the property.  The Town will not subordinate this loan.

Potential applicants must be referred by an existing social service agency working with the owners or the building, fire or health departments, Town of Hull.  Applicants will be required to provide description of critical repair, documentation of ownership status, and required verification of income.  Applicants must also submit documentation that no other sources of financing are available, for example: homeowners and/or flood insurance, federal emergency management funds, fuel assistance emergency assistance, conventional bank loan or line of credit.

All requests for assistance will be reviewed by the Director of Community Development, and the Director of Housing Programs to determine whether request meets the intent of the critical repair program.  The Hull Building Commissioner, Fire Safety Captain and Health Agent may also be consulted.  Once applicant and proposed project are deemed eligible, the applicant will solicit bids from a minimum of three qualified contractors.  Lowest bid amount, within 10% of OCD estimate, determines construction amount.

The homeowner and contractor will sign an OCD approved agreement.  The contractor is responsible for obtaining all required permits.  The contractor submits an invoice and signed OCD request for payment form for any payments.  The OCD conducts inspections and verifies completion and quality of work.  Retainage of 10% held on any progress payments.  Upon completion of work the contractor submits permits with sign-offs, notarized release of lien and guarantee forms to the homeowner and OCD.

All loans are secured with a mortgage recorded at the Registry of Deeds.   Filing fees are added to loan amount.  Properties are also filed with the Towns Tax Collector to insure lien appears on municipal lien certificate in the event of property transfer.

For further information or to request an application, please contact the Office of Community Development at 781-925-3595.  The Town of Hull's Critical Repair Program is funded through the Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.  Applicants have the right to appeal any decisions concerning this program.  This is a Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity housing program.